Battery for Canon BP-911 BP-930 BP-941 ES-55 G10 MV10
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Battery for Canon BP-911 BP-930 BP-941 ES-55 G10 MV10

Battery for Canon BP-911 BP-930 BP-941 ES-55 G10 MV10
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Compatible Part Numbers: BP-911, BP-911K, BP-914, BP-915, BP-924, BP-927, BP-930, BP-930E, BP-930R, BP-941
Li-ion, 7.2V, 3700mAh
Our Price: $19.66
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Brand new with 1 year warranty !

Battery Type: Li-ion
Voltage: 7.20V (Compatible with 7.40V)
Capacity: 3700mAh
Color: Black
Dimension: 70.80 x 38.55 x 39.20 mm
Product Type: Replacement Battery (Brand New)
Weight: 226.80 g

    Canon C2,
    Canon FV1,
    Canon Optura,
    Canon Ultura,
    Canon Vistura,
    Canon XL H1A,
    Canon XL H1S
    Canon DM-MV Series
        DM-MV1, DM-MV10
    Canon E Series

        E1, E2, E30
    Canon ES Series
        ES-50, ES-55, ES-60, ES-60 Hi8,
        ES-65, ES-65 Hi8, ES-75, ES-75 Hi8,
        ES-300V, ES-410V, ES-420V, ES-420V Hi8,
        ES-520A, ES-4000, ES-5000, ES-6000, 
        ES-6500V, ES-7000es, ES-7000V, ES-8000,
        ES-8000V, ES-8100V, ES-8100V Hi8, ES-8200V, 
        ES-8200V Hi8, ES-8400V, ES-8400V Hi8, ES-8600
    Canon G Series
        G10, G-10Hi, G15Hi, G20Hi, G30Hi,
        G35Hi, G45Hi, G-1000, G-1500, 
    Canon GL Series
        GL-1, GL-2
    Canon MV Series
        MV1, MV10, MV10i, MV20,
        MV20i, MV200, MV200i
    Canon UC-V Series
        UC-V10, UC-V10Hi, UC-V20, UC-V20Hi,
        UC-V30, UC-V30Hi, UC-V100, UC-V200,

    Canon UC-X Series
        UC-X1Hi, UC-X2, UC-X2Hi, UC-X30Hi,
        UC-X40Hi, UC-X45Hi, UC-X50, UC-X50Hi, 
        UC-X55, UC-X55Hi
    Canon V Series
        V-40, V-40Hi, V50Hi, V60Hi,
        V65Hi, V72, V75Hi, V-400,
        V-420, V500, V520

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